2024 Recap: Celebrating Milestones

At Risk Radio hosted by Mark Stafford and David Witt CEO of SOM International, celebrates over 130 ARR episodes and 10,000 downloads of the podcast. 

Mark and David express their appreciation to listeners and supporters. ARR gives listeners the opportunity to pray for leaders who serve persecuted Christians around the globe. David gives an update of the financial report of SOM International, including 13% growth in 2023 and the fact that 95% of donations go directly to serve the workers in the field…those who risk much for Jesus. 

David details the growth of trained church planters, the Lighthouse sewing discipleship schools for women, radio broadcasts, Bible distribution, clean water projects and more. Learn how the Gospel has impacted dear souls in these nations; the vision and goals for expanding ministry in 2024. 

Tune in to find out how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is affecting the global Church.