Interview with Dan Ole Shani, CEO of Open Doors International

Dan Ole Shani, CEO of Open Doors International, David Witt and Mark Stafford continue the compelling conversation about the importance of listening to the needs of our persecuted global family in order to come alongside to assist and support.
In Part 1, Dan recalls his salvation and God’s call to serve persecuted Christians. He estimates that there are 360 million Christians who suffer for their faith. Suffering may by violence, torture, or no access to jobs, school, food or medicine. Dan tells the true story of a Muslim background 15 year old girl who was persecuted by her family after she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. He describes the double danger for women in these countries.
You too can make a difference and come alongside our persecuted brothers and sisters by praying! For more tools and ideas to support our persecuted family go to: or