In this episode of At Risk Radio, learn how God worked in Tim’s life (with Wycliff Bible Translators and now with Ethnos Canada) to transform him from a 14 year old boy who didn’t like books or to read, to a missionary who spent over 29 years learning a foreign tribal language and then translating the Bible into their language. Listen to how God providentially brought Tim and other like-minded believers together (many of whom you have heard on these podcasts) to accomplish what only God can do.

Not only were the translated Bibles delivered to this tribe, but Tim also delivers a 30 minute daily radio broadcast that reaches these isolated people in their own language to help them go deeper into God’s Word. 3,000 short wave radios were provided to the tribal peoples in remote areas. This is Episode 1 of an enlightening story of God developing Tim as a leader, as well as God motivating others to help accomplish much for His Glory.