Leading with Questions – Saidou is a great example.

SOM Senegal director Saidou is a master as asking questions and listening. Story of asking questions in Saidou’s village about the story of the sacrifice of Issac.

Why did the Lord demand a sacrifice of Abraham after he passed the test?

Mujahid from Pakistan: The man who was taking his wife in a cart to a shrine to be healed. Asked many questions before healing.

  • Did you pray at so and so shrine?
  • Did you pray in the name of Muhammad?
  • Did you pray in the name of Allah?
  • Did you pray in the name of Jesus?

Then he preached gospel and prayed for the wife who was healed.

Workers in the Muslim world how asked the 1st question: What does the Koran teach about Muhammad? 2nd question: What does the Koran teach about Esa? Jesus?

What is the first conversation recorded in scripture?

Gen 3, Where are you?

In fact, just off the top of your head, what are some classic stories in the Word of God of the Lord asking questions?

  • To Cain: “Where is your brother Abel”
  • To Hagar: Where are you going and where have you come from?
  • To Moses “Who has made man’s mouth?”
  • To Job: “Were you there?”
  • To Elijah: “What are you doing here?”
  • To Ezekiel: “Can these bones live?


What about questions that Jesus used?

  • To the disciples: Why are you so afraid? Why do you doubt? Where is your faith?
  • To the blindman: What do you want me to do?
  • To the richman: Why do you ask me who is good?
  • To the crowd: Who touched me?
  • To the disciples: Who do you say I am?


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