Global Ambassador Terry Breen’s Path from Rock Concerts to Delivering Bibles

In this episode of At Risk Radio, host Mark Stafford and CEO of SOM International, David Witt, engage in a dynamic conversation with Terry Breen, a passionate Global Ambassador for SOM International. Terry shares her inspiring journey from the business side of the rock and roll industry to becoming a dedicated advocate for the Persecuted Church. Her enthusiasm, from organizing fundraisers to engaging in soul-stirring encounters with individuals from different backgrounds, highlights the impact of the Global Ambassador program and the power of At Risk Radio in raising awareness and empowering individuals to become involved in serving the global Church. Tune in to this episode for an uplifting and motivating discussion on making a difference in the world today.

Guest bio: Terry Breen is a dedicated member of her church and what started as a simple invitation to join a Bible study turned into a life-changing experience when she discovered the leadership of SOM International and its programs, including the Discussion Discipleship Method (DDM) and Witness Development Evangelism (WDE). Inspired by what she learned, Terry began listening to At Risk Radio and felt compelled to do more. She has since made it her mission to provide Bibles to people in Venezuela and is passionate about getting others involved in making a difference. Terry’s heart for service and her commitment to helping others shines through in all that she does.