God in Pursuit of Me – Identity in Christ Part 1 

Mark Stafford, host of At Risk Radio, and David Witt, CEO of SOM International, join an eye-opening conversation with Jesse, co-founder of Be Loved & Be Love, Inc. 

Jesse grew up in a Christian home, but he led a double life filled with alcohol, drugs, and immorality. After a few arrests and threatened jail time for seven felonies in which God intervened, Jesse wanted to serve God but still followed his selfish lifestyle. God continued to pursue Jesse until he finally fully surrendered to the Lord. 

Jesse was led from bondage and brokenness to knowing his identity in Christ. He has a positive influence as a leader in missions, ministry and discipling others. 

Listen to more of Jesse’s ministry and how God is working in the millennial generation in Part 2 of the next episode. Learn more about Christian leaders around the world by exploring atriskradio.comspiritofmartyrdom.com, or SOMbookstore.com.

For more information on the discipleship ministry of Be Loved & Be Love, go to: www.belovedandbelove.com