God in Pursuit of Me – Identity in Christ Part 3

In this episode, Jesse, co-founder of the ministry of Be Loved & Be Love, joins Mark Stafford, the host of At Risk Radio, and David Witt, CEO of SOM International to share compelling stories from their journeys to Nepal, Senegal, India, and Latin America, where they witnessed the resilience and faith of persecuted believers. 

Jesse shares powerful stories about his experiences with the persecuted church during his travels with SOM International. From witnessing resilience and unity in Nepal after devastating earthquakes to meeting believers who displayed unwavering faith and courage in the face of imprisonment and opposition, Jesse’s encounters depict the unshakable love and identity in Christ exhibited by those in the persecuted church.

The discussion touches on the unoffendable hearts of these believers, their response to hardship and mistreatment, and the impact of their faith on the communities around them. The episode also explores the connection between Jesse’s ministry, Be Loved & Be Love, and the overall mission of SOM International, highlighting the importance of understanding one’s worth as a child of God and the significance of serving from a place of sonship. Join us as we explore the transformative power of faith and the impact of serving the persecuted church around the world.


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