In this episode of At Risk Radio, David Witt speaks with Dan Rilling from Lakeview Camp.  Dan speaks about a unique ministry opportunity and a gift of generosity that God continues to multiply. 

Dan is the manager at Lakeview Camp

Dan Rilling is the manager at Lakeview Campground in Canada. Dan felt like God called him to build a campground and then God provided another campground, which became an opportunity for giving to others. The Lord has blessed Dan with so much more than he could ever ask or imagine. In fact, He first provided $100,000 for Dan to give to missions and then 10 years later, God has given Dan $1 million dollars to give away to others! 

He gave the proceeds from his campground to missions; specifically the Piaroa tribe so they could have a Bible in their own language. The Piaroa are an indigenous group of people who live in Venezuela and have never had the Bible translated into their language before now. He is excited about the opportunity to be a broker for missions and provide Bibles for these people who have never heard or read God’s Word!

Dan challenges listeners to ask God for resources that they can given away to others

  • How can I be more generous?
  • How can I use my gifts and talents to give more effectively?
  • Can I broker missions for people in my community?

Dan has started a teaching ministry and can be reached at (780) 991-6685