The Impact of Preserving a Tribal Language Promotes Bible Translation 

Mark Stafford, host of At Risk Radio, interviews David Witt, CEO of SOM International, to inform listeners of the ministry work in a dangerous region of the world. David describes his recent trip to a tribal leadership conference with Russell Stendal, Director of SOM South America. 

Tim, the Bible translator, spent 27 years learning the tribal language to put the Bible into written form, preserving their tribal language. Today, God’s Word is used as this tribe’s primer in learning their written language, which would have otherwise disappeared over time. 

Over 1,200 from this indigenous group traveled miles through the jungle by canoe and foot to experience a first-time-ever gathering of these indigenous believers!

What a blessing for the team to witness firsthand the fruit of the revival that has taken place over the last two years because the Bible was translated into their heart language, forever transforming lives.

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