Russell Stendal on the Spanish Translation Sparking Revival


In this episode of At Risk Radio, host Mark Stafford and SOM International CEO David Witt explore the fascinating story behind the Jubilee Bible with special guest Russell Stendal, the director of SOM Latin America. In part one of a three-part series, Russell shares his remarkable journey of being inspired to create the Jubilee Bible after facing a shortage of accurate and consistent translations in Colombia. Russell explains how he went back to the 1569 first complete Bible in Spanish, translated by Cassiodoro de Reina, to begin the work of editing the Jubilee Bible. This translation, now available in both Spanish and English, has made a tremendous impact, with over a million copies in print and widespread distribution in Colombia and Venezuela. 

Russell Stendal was raised by a Bible translator and grew up surrounded by the work of missions in Colombia, where his family has been for 60 years. His growing-up experience would shape his future work and mission in the region. He is part of the ongoing effort to provide Bibles for Venezuela, pressing past barriers and finding unique ways to meet needs. 

The Jubilee Bible and other resources by Russell Stendal are available at To donate Bibles for Venezuela, see