Scripture and Spiritual Impact in Latin America with Russell Stendal

Learn about the Bible translating process, the powerful insights uncovered from the Hebrew and Greek texts, and the profound impact the Jubilee Bible has had on believers in Colombia and Venezuela. Hosts Mark Stafford and SOM International CEO David Witt join Russell Stendal, the editor of the Jubilee Bible, for part two of this series. Russell discusses the significance of key terms and how a deeper understanding of these words sheds light on the core messages of transformation, grace, and spiritual growth. Also, David highlights the far-reaching impact of the Jubilee Bible, particularly in the Latin American region. Hear firsthand accounts of how this translation and the accompanying commentaries have led to remarkable growth and change. The engagement and empowerment of believers, exemplified by the surge in new conversions and the multiplier effect on churches, underscores the profound influence of Scripture.

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