Riadh’s Story Part 1: Accepting Christ When You Are From A Muslim Background

In this episode of At Risk Radio, you will hear Riadh, the Vice President of International Operations and Ministry for VOM Canada. Also, hear David Witt, CEO of SOM International, who had ministered with VOM Canada over the years.

Listen to Riadh’s story of how he was drawn to Christ, even though he was born into a Muslim family in north Africa. He wanted to know God and providentially listened to a Christian radio broadcast from Cypress in 1988.  Riadh mailed 95 pages of questions to the address they provided at the end of the broadcast.  Within two weeks, people from this ministry mailed back patient and respectful answers to his questions. Listen to how this created a path that led to his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as leading him to help plant a church in his hometown in north Africa.

In part two, coming soon, Riadh explains his experiences with persecution which prompted him to serve persecuted Christians around the world.